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Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
'neill in the 1970's and 1980's, and was clinton's: the director in the 1990's. evan, what does this tell us about the physical fights ahead? >> the good newss that he knows washington bit bad news is that he will do exactly what obama tells him, and from all indications, obama will not do much about fiscal restraint. >> nina, your sense of jack lew and what lies ahead? >> i think i agree with evan, but lew really does know the budget numbers. he did this in the clinton administration when we had a surplus, as the white house points out over and over again. jeff sessions in the senate is saying no way, and one senator can make a lot of trouble, but i cannot tell whether it is a lot of bluster or not at this point. >> colby, aren't most of the battle's going to be between the white house and capitol hill? dozens, with deep congressional experience bring a certain strength -- doesn't somebody would seek congressional expense bring a certain strength? >> yeah. i worked for two treasury secretaries, and jack lew is the type of person you want at that job. there is work to be done on the hill and in th
Jan 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
meeting of the land use committee. our clerk is mr. derek evans. >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. all documents included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be acted upon in the january 29, 2013 board of supervisors meeting unless otherwise stated. >> we only have two items on this agenda. >> item 1 is an ordinance amending the san francisco business code to permit permit expirations and extensions and to modify various fees. >> we have from the department of building inspection pamela levitt >> good afternoon, pamela levin, deputy director administrative services, department of building inspection. the legislation before you is designed it achieve the following objectives. the first is to continue to encourage the growth in the economy by extending the life for review and approval for permit applications for large projects from 360 to 720 days, clarifying the time limitations for permit processing so that it begins when the permit is provided to dbi for review and the clock stops when it is
Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
. and farmers are scrambling to receive their crops. carter evans reports from the frozen frontline. [coughing] >> fighting the flu, one of the nation's biggest states declares a public health emergency. bob orr is track the epidemic. >> three years to the day after the earthquake that devastated haiti, how one american is helping the most serious i didn't injured. >> coming out on two crutches that's our goal. >> and a look at one city's campaigns to get weapons off the streets forever. >> announcer: this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening. i'm jim axelrod with a western edition of the broadcast. we begin tonight in the orchards and farm fields of southern california, where the race is on to save crops from a potentially disastrous freeze. temperatures are well below normal in much of the state. 20° below normal in the los angeles basin and parts of san diego county where they are expecting frost on the beaches. the forecast for big sur is 20 degrees colder than boston. even palm springs could see temperatures near freezing. as carter evans reports
Jan 1, 2013 8:00am EST
be seen in the 24 part cnn television series cold war. finally evans, a graduate of yale university, class of -- can you help me? 1955. missing that detail. mr. evans is one of the leading members of the conservative movement in the united states. his book blacklisted by history:the untold story of senator joe mccarthy and his fight against america's enemies gives an account of the age of mccarthyism during the cold war. evans has been the recipients of honorary documents from syracuse university and the john marshall law school and accuracy in media award for excellence in journalism. please join me now in welcoming our panelists. [applause] >> would you like to start? >> such a pleasure and honor to be here once again. i was flattered to be asked to participate in the first seminar last year and i didn't do too badly because i am back today. and icy some good friends out here and also some people including senator jim buckley and he deserves a round of applause. [applause] >> let us begin with a paradox. whitaker chambers was a soviet spy who became in bill buckley's words the most impor
Jan 4, 2013 4:00am PST
, from evan gel worship prayer center, right here in louisville and this is something special, i'll tell you. for me to be able to be here and be with an old friend, great post pastor bob rogers. >> nothing like live tv and being put on the spot. thank you for opening up the church and allowing us to come and be with you. >> david, i'm so thrilled you're here. like you said, we've been friends all the way through school and we were together when david met barbara. >> yes, we were. >> and i remember he came by and he said, you know, i met the most beautiful girl. and he said, i got a date with her tonight. and then, next thing i know, you were madly in love. >> it only took one date. >> and our fathers were close friends. >> yes. >> and to see what god is doing and how you're literally reaching the world and the anointing that was on your dad is multiplied on you just a little bit. and -- >> i had a little bit of what my dad has a whole lot of, then i'd be happy. >> we say that, but you're reaching twice as many as your father was able to reach through the median of television. and that's
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
it their all but it wasn't enough. thanks for staying with us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. a disappointing night for redskins fans after the team lost to the seattle seahawks 24- 14 in the first round of the playoffs. it was a hard night for fans hoping for a super bowl run. >> fox 5's lauren demarco has more. >> reporter: the sign says that the redskins are thanking the greatest fans in the nfl and it is no exaggeration. as folks head out of here tonight, they're, of course, disappointed, but everybody has faith in the skins and they're looking forward to a lot of potential from the team for next season. >> feel like saying a cheer, but we're going to be all right. >> they got to deal with nfc east for how many years? we got them for 25 years. we're good. >> they're 5-11 team, we're super bowl champions, i love them just the same and i'll be here every single week. >> rg3 was hurting the whole game. we're still happy with the way we played, first time we really had something to may for the end of a season -- play for the end of the season. future is bright for redskins r
Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
>> rose: welcome to the program, we begin tonight with evan williams an biz stone, co-founders of twitter. they talk about their new on-line publishing platform medium and talk about the art of conversation. >> in our experience that's what drives a lot of-- a lot of tweet, a lot of the retweets, a lot of the links that get passed around on the platform originate from someone like you. they're clips on youtube from conversations you've had. they're articles in "the new yorker" magazine, et cetera. and these are the things that get passed around and discussed. so without this longer form deeper dive, more relevant kind of conversation, i don't think social media would have anything to be social media about. i think there are two responses to infinite things being published on the web every day. one, whether it is to do it faster and cheaper and try to get it, you know, make these feedback loops tighter. one is to go deep. i mean the other is to go deep. and we're starting to see evidence that will is a hunger for depth. and that may be they're even complimentary, and ma
Jan 2, 2013 2:00am EST
university, class of, can you help me, i was missing that detail. mr. evans, his book blacklisted by history the untold story of senator joe mccarthy and his fight against america's enemies gives an account of the age of mccarthyism during the cold war. evans has been the recipients of honorary doctorates from institutions like syracuse university and the john marshall law school and has won accuracy in media irvine award for excellence in journalism. join me in welcoming our panelists. [applause] [applause] >> lee, would you like to start? >> it is such a pleasure and honor to be here. once again i was flattered to be asked to participate in the first seminar last year i didn't do too badly. i see some good friends out here and also some people i admire including if senator jim buckley. he deserve a round of applause. let us begin with a paradox. whitaker chambers. whitaker chambers was a soviet spy who became in bill buckley's words, the most important american defector from communism. and its treasonous adherents, continued in august of 1948 when he identified alger hiss, a golden boy of
Jan 16, 2013 3:00am PST
on current tv. [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> all right. in the next hour, evan mcmorrison turo from talking points memo in studio as a friend of bill and we'll be joined by congress woman january shakowski from illinois, talking about the government shutdown and, also, of course talking about the big event of the day on the president's calendar. he's got two events today, he and the vice president will receive their -- the daily briefing briefing at 10:00 o'clock this morning, and then just short of noon, the two of them will be joined by children from across the country who wrote to the president in the wake of the newtown, connecticut mass murder, asking him to take leadership on doing something about gun violence in this country. those children will join the president and the vice president to unveil a package of proposals to reduce gun violence in the south court auditorium of the old executive office building on the white house grounds this morning. i will be there. and we will talk tomorrow about all of the president's recommendati
Jan 4, 2013 12:00am PST
: evan william, biz stone, david chase when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. . >> rose: evan williams an biz stone are here, they are the co-founders of twitter. they have started an on-line publishing platform called medium aimed at high quality content. they are investing in other ventures through their incubator obviousment they join me for a conversation about conversation. about the art and value of it, especially in today's age of texting, twitter, facebook, youtube and more. this is part of a collaboration with fast company magazine. i'm pleased to have ev and biz here. and to talk about something that i love, which is conversation. but is there as i ask both of you, a inand yang here? is there the fact that i sit at this table and have for more than 20 years, having conversations often for an hour, and you guys pioneered the idea that you can say it all in a 140 characters. >> well, we-- i think we pioneered that you can say something
Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
warning them of icy roads. cart kerr evans picks up the story. >> reporter: for most californians sub freezing temperatures are a novelty a rare taste of winter amid the palm trees. but to the state's $2 billion citrus industry two freezing night conditions a crop killer. >> everybody in the citrus business right now is worried. everybody. >> as temperatures plunged orange grower ben taft told his workers to pick as fast as they could. but 70% of his crop is still on the trees. and if the hard freeze continues,. >> you just save say that you have done what you can do and you're finished. >> reporter: grows here remember what happened six years ago, the last major freeze. >> and in 2070 how bad was it? >> we lost everything. >> reporter: this week temperatures dropping into the 20s for a second straight night are also threatening other crops. curt johnson grows leafy veg tables. >> this was solid solid, frozen solid. i could snap it with my finger and it would just crack. >> reporter: johnson spent the last few nights lighting bonfires around his st. paula farm, anything can to raise t
Jan 18, 2013 8:30pm EST
as hard ball as you have to. of doing something. >> i have to conclude, evan is wrong. republicans, when the organize a firing squad, they form themselves in a circle. that is what the group is doing. barack obama is not doing their destruction, they are doing it themselves. >> if congress enacts $500 million in defense cuts, what happened then? he said armed services committee announced that it has hearings on chuck hagel's nomination to become defense secretary. if confirmed, he will have his hands full, especially with these defense cuts. there is talk about pulling a carrier out of the gulf, we only have one there. i would think, what is happening in algeria and other places, you'd want to have two or more. >> you could probably cut the defense budget by a lot. the question is how. congress and the politicians are going to want to preserve the big-ticket items, the platforms that are i expensive, provide js in districts, and they will cut the things that we really need, ready this, maintenance, money for the troops. congress will be on the wrong side of it. i hope the administration
Jan 20, 2013 9:00am EST
have to. >> evan wrong. when the republicans o organize a firing squad, they organize themselves into a circle. barack obama is not. ♪ using robotics and mobile tecology, verizon innovators have made itit possible for teachers to teach, and for a kid... nathan. tadpole. ... to feel like a kid again. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. poweul answers. veverizon. >> the senate armed services coittee announced th week it has scheduled hearings on the former center chuck hagel's nomination to be the secretary of the treasury -- defense. there is talk about pulling a terror of the gulf. we would only have one t there. i wouldd thi of what is happening in algeria and other places, you'd want to have to review or more. >> you could probably cut the defenseudt by a lot. thquestion is how. congress, theiticians, will want to preserve the biticket items that are expected to provovide jobs in the distri and ey will cut readiness made its, money fofor our troops. congress will be on the wrong side of the struggle i hope the administration can move th
Jan 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >> reporter: jack evans, muriel bowser were also sworn in today in a ceremony that i had the honor of serving as emcee. bowser haze made it no secret she wants -- has made it no secret she wants to be mayor. >> it went to mean anything if people get taxed out or pushed out of the step. >> reporter: evans wants the job as well. >> education is critical. we're spending so much money and the results are not there. jobs, we have too many unemployed people in the step. >> reporter: gone since pent michael brown. he lost -- gone is independence michael brown. he lost his seat to grasso, but brown picked up petitions to run in a special election for phil mendelson's vacant seat. already there are 14 candidates vying for that seat. it's just possible the winner would could cool out with only a few thousand votes. this is bruce -- come out with only a few thousand votes. this is bruce johnson reporting from northwest washington for 9 news. >> anita bonds was appointed to fill mendelson's council seat until special election. she is a candidate as well in the april contest. >>> today is the first day
Jan 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
: jack evans and muriel bowser were also sworn in today. in a ceremony where i had the honor of serving emcee, bowser made no secret she wants to be mayor. >> we have a lot to be proud of in this city but it won't mean anything if people get taxed out or pushed out of the city. >> reporter: evans wants the job as well. >> education is critical. we have to get a handle on this. we're spending so much money and the results are not there. jobs the other thing. we have too many unemployed people in the city. >> reporter: gon from d.c. council are independents michael brown. he lost his seat to grosso but brown picked up petitions today to run for another seat. already there are 14 candidates vying for the seat coming up in april. it's possible the winner could come out with only a few thousand votes. this is bruce johnson reporting from northwest washington for 9news. >> at this time michael brown will run as a democrat. anita bonds was appointed to phil mendelson's council seat until the special election. and she is a candidate in the april contest. >>> still to come when 9news continues,
Jan 19, 2013 12:00pm EST
.. february 14th through seventeenth is the savannah book festival from georgia. evan thomas, dave barry and many more will speak at this annual festival. watch booktv for live coverage. during the second week of march booktv will be live from the tucson festival of books in arizona. among several lawyers featured activity begin, and kristin iverson. also in march the virginia festival of the book begins on wednesday the 20th through sunday, march 24th. this annual event features several authors including douglas brinkley, and congressman john lewis. please let us know about book fairs and festivals in your air and we will add them to our list. post on her wall at or e-mail us at >> for the next three hours booktv brings your a few panels and other presentations from the 2013 key west literary seminar in florida. first we hear from paul hendrickson, author of hemingway's -- "hemingway's boat". >> good morning, good morning, thank you. i moved up my flight, then go to the airport after, literally right after i spend ten minutes here reading and
FOX News
Jan 13, 2013 12:00am PST
and his power. playing x box 360 all day won't give that you power. >> pastor russell evans tells young people to turn off that video game and do something meaningful with their lives. four star general stanley mcchrystal on the impact defense cuts will have on our military. country at this super star john rigs little rock. >> save a horse, ride a cowboy. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: great audience, thank you so much. welcome to huckabee in the fox news studios in new york city. i found a new way this week to make liberals really really mad at me. here is what you do. just repeat what liberals are saying. they hate it when conservatives agree with them. all right. the "new york times" started all of this by publishing a photo of the president meeting with what the white house described as his key economic advisors during the fiscal cliff negotiations. they noted everyone in the room was of the male gender. the white house press core peppered jay carney about all the men he has appointed to major slots and carney dug his own hole and jumped in it by saying th
Jan 26, 2013 11:15pm EST
, rallying for and against gun control. and thans story staying up late with us. i'm laura evans. today's protests brought newtown, connecticut, people side-by-side asking for congress to act. fox's anna coyman has the story. >> reporter: thousands of protestors calling for tougher gun control laws rally in the nation's capitol. many hearing signs reading gun control now while others hold up the names of victims of gun violence. among the crowd, dozens of residents from newtown, connecticut, the site of the december elementary school shooting. the rally organized in response to that shooting. >> i am here for the 26 families who lost the life of their lives in newtown. daughters and sons, wives and mother. grandchildren, sisters and brothers gone in an unfathomable instance. >> reporter: protestors showing support for president obama's ban on military-style assault weapons in&high-capacity ammunition magazine and universal background checks for gun sales. speakers include lawmakers and arne duncan. >> this is about gone safety, fewer dead americans, fewer dead children, fewer children l
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm EST
's fireworks show sparked a fire. thanks for staying with us tonight. i'm laura evans. officials saying at least one of the exits was locked at the club, trapping hundreds inside and all of the bodies have been removed from the nightclub. lauren demarco has more on this story. >> reporter: as flames raced through the kiss nightclub in brazil, patrons scrambled to make their way outside. [sirens] >> reporter: with more than 230 people killed, it appears to be the world's deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. witnesses say the band on stage performing was using flares which sparked the flames. video from the scene shows shirtless young men joining firefighters, using axes to break through windows and walls to help free those trapped. according to doctors, most of those killed were suffocated by the smoke. at least 50 bodies were found inside a bathroom, apparently the victims confused the rest room door with the exit door. we spoke with prince george's county fire chief who said this tragedy should serve as a reminder to be aware of your surroundings, particularly in a crowd. >>
Jan 1, 2013 8:30am EST
>> funding for overheard with evan smith is proviied in part by the mat son mchale foundation in support also by mfi foundation, life within our commmnity. and from the texas board of certified attoonees in your communityy eperienced, respected, and ested.. alss, by hhllco partners texas gooernment affairs heaath care coosultiig& -usiness unnt, hilco health and byythh alice clay bbrg reynolds foundation and viewers like you, thank you. >> i am evan smith, an actor & ddreccor and producer whose four decades of cretin clouds midnight cowboys the kingdom and ther book aad -uthor of chillren's books most recent which the creature of the seventh grade has been published. he issballojj bob ball thaa this is overheard. p> mosttpeopleewant the same thing, hey want a ggod job. >> i realized peopll weeen't wrrting things in my voice so i realize i had to dooit &-for myself. &- >> as a kid i love this. >> we are a better countrry3 tan we used to be ut eú& have more to do it anddwe3 need to get at it. &-get the buzz you ge
Jan 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
>> funding for overherd with evan smith is provided in part by the mattson mchale foundation n. support of public television. also by mfi foundation. improving the quaaity of life wwthin our community. and from the texas board of legal specialization, board certified attorneys in your community. experienced, respected, and tested. also by hillco partners. texas gooernment affairs consultancy,,and its global health care consulting business unnt, hillco health. and by the alice kleberg reynolds foundation and viewers like you. thank you. >> i'm evan ssith, she's a prolific author, respected academic researchers and former assistant secretary of education, who has been one of the most provocative big thinkers on education in america for decades, she's diane ravich. this is ooerherd. >> we have fifteen million kids in our country who grow up below theepoverty line. >> most americans want the same thing. >> i realized there weren't a lot of people writing things in my voice, so i realized i had to do it for myself. >> and he said kid i love youu& because. >> we are a better country
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
, maryland their home. but council member jack evans is betting within the next five years redskins will be back in d.c. in a new dome stadium. he's chairman of the finance and revenue committee. he helped bring baseball back to the nation's capital. he's now confident with rg3 and the team's new success, the team owner will be ready to make the move. win or lose on sunday, the sports reporters and fans agree the best days are yet to come for the redskins, and their superstar rookie quarterback. >> he keeps it and scores to give washington the lead. >> reporter: peyton manning helped build a new stadium for the colts. some feel dan snyder may eventually want a new house for rg3 and team, maybe a superbowl game down the road. >> the momentum carrying them now, it's going to be great to get the team back into the city, that dan snyder will be able to work something out with prince george's county and be able to build a brand-new stadium. >> reporter: councilman jack evans says he has reason to believe the redskins owner is open to discussions at some point of returning the team to the
Jan 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
for his biography and his work cold war. finally m. stanton evans the graduate of yale 1955. he has been one of the most leading members of the conservative movement's. his book blacklisted by history gives the account of the age of mccarthyism during the cold war. evans is three separate -- recipient from syracuse and john marshall law school and has won the accuracy irvine award for excellence in journalism. please join me to welcome our panelist. [applause] lee edwards would you like to start? >> it is such a pleasure and honor to be here. i was flattered to be asked for the first one last year. and i see some good friends out here and people including senator buckley he deserves a round of applause. [applause] lets us begin with a paradox. whitaker chambers was a soviet spy who became the most important american defector from communism. the attractions of communism began in august of 1948 when he identified algiers yes the golden boy as a fellow member of the underground communists of of the 1930's. his was a former assistant to franklin d. roosevelt the acting secretary general from
Jan 2, 2013 7:00pm EST
, everyone, and happy new year. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." let's start with kelly evans. >> reporter: a historic rally, even though we saw stocks surging. by the way, not just in the u.s. this was really a global move. the euro, though, fell off a mini cliff of its own. a little more detail coming up. >> we'll see kelly evans in just a bit. here's another big story brewing. >> reporter: a brutal political battle today over hurricane sandy aid for hard-hit new york and new jersey. i'll bring you all the tough rhetoric when we come back. >>> and yet another big story brewing for tomorrow. john boehner, he could be facing a real challenge for his job speaker of the house. ace acosta is all over this story. "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> back to the rally on the streets today. that is the total sizzle story. check out these numbers. in case you missed it, dow added 308 points. nasdaq up 93. s&p 500 surging 36. cnbc's kelly evans joins us with all the details. good evening, kelly. >> larry, good evening, from down here at the stock exchange where you practically wo
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
discovered marcus evans was wanted in connection with the attack... áafterá arresting him at hhs home on & northhluzerne street on an un- relateeddrug warrant.he is charged with first and second deeree assault.the victim... kenni shaw... icked him out -3 of a photo line-up shortly &after the told police that a group of men attacked him as he walked home on north millon aveeue... and that one of the attackers was a knownndrug dealer in the ffr... police hhve noo classified the eaaing as a hate crime. 3 clayton baatle... was -3 ssntenced to life ii prissn yesterday... for killing a man outside dietrich's bar in len burnie in 20-10.battle is currently serring an 8 -year -3 sentence on a drug conviction. violence at dietrich's is raising concern.on december 30tt... another man was found shottto death outside that bar...the third killing in 3 years. 3 3 a devastating mistake in the operating room ... just two nights ago, crime and justice repooter joy lepola uncovered how some doctors aren't telling their patients the truth..
Jan 18, 2013 5:30pm EST
allegeely ran from the s - scenn... but nnt before the anyone who knows where evans ..- &pmiiht be is asked to call 410- &p307-2022. a controveeriil blogger who broadcast hii standoff with police last month will get anotter chance to argue his bail. baltimore resident jamms pcarthur was arrested after a tense ssand-off at his north balttmore home when police ttied to arrest him for violating his probabtion. he'ssbben denied bail twice, even thhugh his lawyerssargue he's never been conviiteddof a violenn crime. macatrhur is charged with possessing an unregistered hand-gun and resiiting arreet. the bail hearing is scheduled for february 1st. 3 the playoff versson of purple friday has baltimore buzzing! and many fans are preparing to leave for newwengland right now. but not our own jool d. smith... he's lready heee, scoping oot the host town for weird the trash talk is there. hi there joel d. hey guyy, it's purple friday, and i'm ready obviously... so i expected some competition here in providence when it comes to football excctement. but no... lookkaround, there's 3o patriots gear anywhere
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
. baltimore police say they have one of the suspects in custody. marcus evans facing first and second-degree assault charges after he attacked another man in east baltimore. he was leaving a liquor store when he was surrounded by a group of men and brutally beaten. police are still looking for one other suspect in connection to the attack. he claims he was targeted because he is gay. >> the owner of two plumbing companies have to pay more than $1 million in restitution. they came -- became the focus of an investigation last year in march. they had more than 7000 plumbing code violations. most were for using unlicensed workers and charging consumers $150 for permits after installing water heaters but never obtaining those required permits. the 2013 session of the maryland general assembly opened today with controversy. state house leaders expressed reservations about the proposed legislation to leverage militance for school reservations -- renovations. >> that is just the beginning. >> despite appearances, it is fair to say this session did not open quietly. >> some delightfully brown
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
. a win tonight could erase the nightmare of evans dropping the potential winning touchdown last year along with the mixed -- missed field goal. the ravens believe they are a better team. the ravens are nine point underdogs in this game. far from intimidated. >> i do not care about the underdog stock. -- underdog stuff. it is not about that at all. we want to go out there and win. it is a football game. that is what we're about. >> the ravens are 1-2 in the title game. a baltimore franchise won the first title in 1970. the colts went on to beat the cowboys in the super bowl. new england has never lost a home title game. they're perfect 4-0. hopefully that streak will end tonight. if the ravens win, we know who they will play in the super bowl. we cannot show you the highlights while the network broadcast continues. we can tell you the san francisco 49ers have punched their ticket to new orleans with a come-from-behind win over the atlanta falcons. the one after trailing 17-0 in the game. john can join his younger brother jim in new orleans. stay tuned for another look >> all is calm n
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